main objectives Print

  • Increasing the effectiveness, competitiveness and diversity of the local economy
  • Developing of sustainable tourism that is compliant with the local conditions?Developing of tourism that is based on our local conditions and treasures our local heritage; development of tourism packages and experience-chains such as cultural and horseback riding programs, ecotourism, bicycle tourism
  • Expanding the hospitality-base of tourism by a differential increase and development of accommodations and by enhancing the quality of related services
  • Developing and expanding of the locally, regionally, nationally and internationally relevant touristic specificities, programs and their supporting institutions such as the heritage museum, architectural heritage, intellectual workshops, and locations of interest
  • Creating a unified image for the region and developing related tourism marketing
  • Promoting regional health and lifestyle awareness
  • Protecting the environment
  • Supporting local social renewalDevelopment of national and ethnic identity; building and supporting community relations between different ethnic groups
  • Improving the condition of regional transportation